Our shisha shop has everything you need for chill sessions!. We are based in the UK and have a great range of glass hookah pipes for sale, and plenty of accessories to choose from. We deliver our items all across the globe, so no matter where you are located you can have the convenience to buy from our online shop. Every type of item is covered here, we have shisha pipes for sale in all sizes and colours, regardless of what style you are after we will have the best and most unique products right here at HerbTools. With our cheap prices and high quality products you will not be disappointed with your new setup!

Shisha Pipes

View all of our impressive glass shisha pipes here, coming in crazy designs you won't find anything quite like these anywhere else.

Cheap Shisha Pipes

Our cheaper options are extremely reliable and the quality will surprise you.

Cased Shisha Pipes

Perfect for taking on a hike, these come with a strong metal case.

LED Shisha Pipes

Brighten up your life! These LED versions create a beautiful glow.

Shisha Pens

These are pretty much a portable shisha pipe that fits in your pocket.

Hookah Shop

We stock everything you could possibly need when it comes to hookah smoking, including all the essentials such as charcoal and molasses to replacements such as ceramic bowls. We range our products from cheap to expensive versions that would suit both the newcomer and the more experienced hookah smoker. Just take a good look around our hookah store and find out for yourself!