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Dabbing Nails for sale at HerbTools

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Glass Nails

Glass nails are one of the most common accessories you will receive when you purchase your dab rig. You will find that dabbing with a glass nail will offer you a much cleaner hit in comparison to using another material. Glass nails are also great if you are not looking to make an expensive purchase and just want a simple replacement nail. HerbTools also offer domeless nails which you can use on any bong with the correct joint size to transform it into a dab rig.

Titanium Nails

The benefits of using a titanium nail are plentiful. Their sturdy nature means that they are almost indestructible and will easily withstand the heat required for a successful dab. Titanium nails also retain heat well so you can take your time dabbing and not rush. If you are looking for durability and some serious heat for your dab then one of our titanium nails is the best product for you!

Ceramic Nails

Want to get your nail to a seriously hot temperature without any risk of it breaking? Ceramic nails will be the ideal choice for your dab rig. The ceramic material is able retain heat a lot better than other materials. Made from medical grade ceramic, these nails will last you long into the future whilst providing a solid dabbing platform.

Domeless Nails

A domeless nail is great if you want a simple way to turn your bong into an oil rig, they are also much quicker to use as their is no messing around with a dome to place on top. The materials used to create a domeless nail is versatile from glass and ceramic to titanium. They work by having ventilation holes drilled directly onto the nail which provides sufficient airflow through the nail and down into the rig/bong.


Dec E. - Fast delivery very happy with my product have recommended herbtools to a lot of friends and they are very happy aswell great website

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