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Dab rigs are the up and coming trend for all smokers and at HerbTools we do not just stock the best dabbing rigs for sale, but we also have the latest accessories to go with them. Our products are only available online and we pass the savings straight on to our customers. When you buy concentrate rigs from our shop you will only receive the highest quality glass that will quench your dabbing needs for years to come.

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Want to view all of our incredible products on one convenient page?! Then click the image above and be wowed by pages of beautifully crafted glassware. We cover every type of rig currently available on the market at the most competitive prices on the internet.

Cheap Dab Rigs

Cheap, but strong and sexy! This section provides access to all of our budget options for the smoker trying to save.

Percolator Dab Rigs

Smooth out that smoke before inhalation with one of these wild percolator options, all types of percs are on offer here.

2-in-1 Oil Bongs

These 2-in-1 multifunction oil bongs will allow you to use them with both oils and herbs! Perfect for all your needs.

More on the Dabbing Rigs at HerbTools

At HerbTools we look after both our new and old customers and always go the extra mile to help out. Not only can you pick up an incredible deal on a full concentrate set up but you can also buy replacement parts such as domeless nails in both ceramic, titanium and glass. Our prices start very low so that every smoker can get hold of what they need.