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How to Clean a Bong for sale at HerbTools

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how to clean a bong

At some point your glassware will need to be cleaned, this how to clean a bong tutorial will give you clear instructions on how to restore your water pipe to its former glory! Free yourself from that gross yellow and brown staining with this simple bong cleaning method! Our tutorial can be used for all types of smoking tools.

All you need is nail varnish remover and salt!

Cleaning your bong can be a dangerous time but it will literally look like new once you finish. Make sure you remove the downstem and bowl before you start as they can easily slide out and fall to the floor. Also make sure you are cleaning in a suitable environment as the nail varnish remover could ruin a carpet or floor.

Now let's clean that bong!

bong cleaning

Pick up the nail varnish remover and empty a generous amount into your bong. A good rule of thumb is to fill the bong with nail varnish remover to the same level you would normally add water when using your bong. You must do this outside as the fumes from nail varnish are very toxic!

Now add salt! Around five table spoons will do it.

Now pick up your bong and ensure you have all the holes covered. Now shake that baby up! But make sure you have a good grip, you don't want to drop your pipe! The nail varnish will begin to turn a dirty colour as the tar starts to dissolve. Keep shaking until all the tar and stains have been removed.

Time for the downstem and bowl

clean downstem and bowl

You need a zip lock plastic bag or a sandwich bag. If your bowl is detachable from the downstem then you will need to clean them separately.

Cover one end of the downstem and place a pinch of salt down there and fill 1/4 of the bag with nail polish remover. Now shake the bag around until the downstem is clean, then repeat this action for the bowl!

After you finish

It is really important to remove all the nail varnish remover or your smoke will taste extremely bad. Having a nice shiny, new looking bong is great but it is worthless if your smoke tastes bad!

Hold the downstem under the tap and blast plenty of clean water through. Do the same for your bowl. For your bong you might find it easier to use the bath tap depending on its size, or even the shower. Just blast plenty of water through and make sure no nail varnish remover is left inside the bong. After you clean your bong you need to let your bong dry! Either use a cloth or allow it to air dry in a safe place.

Now sit back and enjoy your shiny clean bong!

Did you know that you can add additional water chambers to catch all the tar before it enters your pipe? Consider making bong modifications such as precoolers for additional benefits!

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