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Different Types of Bongs for sale at HerbTools

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types of bongs

We sell many different types of bongs here at HerbTools. To help our customers pick their perfect pipe we have put together this snappy little guide that gives details for some of our most popular types of products.

guide on glass water pipes


Glass is one of the most popular materials used. This is due to their clean and pure taste. Another benefit of using a glass pipe is that it is easier to see when there is built up resin on the walls for when it requires cleaning.

guide on plastic water pipes


Plastic is beneficial to use as it is practical and extremely durable. They are also often the cheapest type of bong that you can buy. They are great for travelling or passing around the smoke circle due to how hard they are to break.

guide on ceramic water pipes


Ceramic types tend to be heavier due to the material used, yet can come in fun colours and designs. This makes them great for display cabinets and shelves, they come in a huge range of fun designs at low prices.

guide on bamboo water pipes


Bamboo water pipes offer an authentic feel and are often made to an extremely high quality. This means that they will last for a long period of time without degrading, each one sold at HerbTools has been sanded down and varnished, creating a fantastic finish. They also come in very ornate designs.

guide on metal water pipes


Metal offers a rugged and durable design that will last a long time when compared to other materials commonly used. As metal is readily available and does not take as much skill to manipulate they come at very affordable prices.

percolator bongs


Percolator bongs are designed to give the user a smoother smoking experience. They do this by introducing a glass partition within the neck of the pipe that splits the smoke multiple times. As well as catching tars against the percolator it creates a much wider surface area within the smoke allowing the water to cool it even further. The result is an incredibly pure hit, learn more about all the different shapes and sizes they come in over here.

guide on freezable water pipes


Freezable bongs offer the user a unique advantage in that the internal chamber to the bong can be removed, frozen and then returned to the bong. This provides the user with a long lasted chilling effect with no mess from the ice.

guide on cased water pipes


Cased versions offer protection when travelling or for storage purposes. Cases can come in a variety of different designs with adjustable straps and with different internal linings. Not only do they offer sturdy protection, the case offers a neat and tidy presentation. It is great for keeping all parts of the bong together to ensure nothing is misplaced.

guide on multi-outlet bongs


Multi-outlet bongs are great for a sharing experience. They come with up to 4 detachable tubes which allows smokers to use the pipe at the same time. These are great for parties where the smoking experience can be shared.

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