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Benefits of using a Bong for sale at HerbTools

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benefits of a bong

Smoking from a bong is by far the best way to inhale smoke for several reasons, but many people do not understand how many benefits there actually are for using a bong. Sure, there are a few different smoking methods you can use which all have their perks, but smoking from a bong is the most popular for these reasons:

  • The water cools the smoke, making it easier to inhale
  • Many bad toxins within the smoke are removed by the water
  • You will produce a smoother smoke when compared to hand pipes and roll ups
  • Bongs are quick & easy to use, unlike roll ups there is no learning curve or skills required
  • A cleaner tasting smoke is delivered due to no paper or extra smoking mixes being burned

what does the water in a bong do

What exactly does the water do?

Many people love to smoke from bongs because of the awesome, mesmerising noise that the water makes as the smoke passes through. But what does this water actually do and why do all water pipes incorporate it? Smoke temperature! When your smoking mix is ignited the smoke is very hot, so if you are using a roll up then you will be directly inhaling this hot dangerous smoke. The bong passes your smoke through water to drastically cool it down, making it much tastier, smoother and less harmful. (Inhaling smoke is never a good idea).


What other perks do you get from using a bong?

With the amazing water filtration benefits aside, there are more tar removal processes involved with this incredible invention. As the smoke passes against the walls of the bong, tars actually leave the smoke and stick to the walls, this appears as the brown staining that builds up over time, it is easy to clean, see our guide here.

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