Coffee Mug Bong

Searching for the perfect way to start your day? This dual-function ceramic coffee mug bong is the ultimate time saver and will make your morning rituals more enjoyable than ever. Designed to have the mobility of a travel coffee mug, this coffee mug bong is smoothly molded with a top quality stoneware ceramic construction. It features a mouth hole at the top of the handle for inhaling smoke and a carb/kick hole on the opposite side. With the built-in pipe, you can drink your favorite coffee and smoke your favorite herbs with ease knowing that your drink will never be contaminated. Just relax, rip it and sip it!
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Furthermore, this coffee mug bong has a quality photo design on each side, an easy comfort grip handle and a glossy exterior with a matching colored interior. It is fully functional, durable and chip resistant, and will quickly become part of your daily routine.

Unlike other materials, this mug bong offers a clean tasting hit and does not build up any nasty smells even with heavy usage. It is safe to put in the microwave. This ceramic coffee mug bong is an adult collectible and not intended for children. Overall, it will make a great gift idea for any tea or Coffee lover. Order today with us and take your love for coffee to the next level.