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We have a huge selection of glass pipes here at HerbTools, you may find it easier to use the subcategories, but if you wish to be bombarded with amazing products then this is the place!

Glass Bongs

These are blown from the highest quality glass by experienced craftsman.

Plastic Bongs

Acrylic pipes are known for their durability, low prices and crazy designs!.

Ceramic Bongs

We have a crazy range of ceramics including multi outlet pipes painted in every colour.

Boxed Bongs

These come with hard carry cases, making them easy to transport!

Percolator Bongs

Percolators give the smoothest smoke delivery possible!

Cheap Bongs

All of our lowest prices in one place for your viewing pleasure!

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If you need to buy a water pipe online then you are bound to find the best glass bong right here at HerbTools. With hundreds of smoking pipes ranging in colours and design there are so many products to browse! We have them in all sizes, small and large, to branded options such as Grace Glass and Black Leaf. Whether you want to buy a bong or just upgrade your current one, we have the best deals online.We have an awesome selection of pipes and our high quality collection is constantly growing to adapt to all of our customers varying needs.