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Since the opening of our bong shop, many moons ago, we have been selling high quality glass bongs for sale at cheap prices worldwide. We have delivered our water pipes to many different countries and do a lot of business here in the USA & Canada. As a popular bong shop we are well aware of what our customers expect, we always use 100% discreet packaging for every water pipe, bong and smoking accessory. We run fast and reliable customer support. Whether you are looking to buy cheap glass pipes, awesome waterpipes for smoking, dab rigs for oil or reliable herb pen vaporizers, we've got you covered through our HerbTools online headshop. You will also find some great bongs for sale and also smoking accessories such as windproof turbo lighters, premium rolling boxes, bong downstems, glass bowls and precoolers.

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By running our bong shop purely online we are able to bring our customer's the cheap bongs, acrylic bongs & glass pipes online. We use only fast tracked shipping methods to ensure that we know exactly where our customer's orders are. We work hard to ensure that every order is dispatched on the same day. If you're looking to buy a glass water pipe then you will have plenty of choice here at the HerbTools Bong Shop. We are ready to answer all your questions and do our best to help you buy a bong that fits your specifications perfectly.


Chess Wooden Grinder

Regular Price: $7.45

Special Price $6.21


Ultimate Smokers Set - Tattoo Metal Box

Regular Price: $49.75

Special Price $41.04

Ultimate Smokers Set - Amsterdam Metal Box

Regular Price: $49.75

Special Price $41.04


Raw Organic Hemp Papers

Regular Price: $1.11

Special Price $0.98


Basil Bush Liquid Cool Bong

Regular Price: $41.04

Special Price $36.07

Justin Hale Window Bong

Regular Price: $43.53

Special Price $37.31

Aluminium Keyring Grinder

Regular Price: $6.21

Special Price $4.96